Welcome to Stewart Dairylands, a generational family farm that has been farming the same land for over 120 years.

Situated in the Manawatu, on the boundary of Palmerston North, we farm 600 hectares of land. As a seasonal dairy farm, we milk over 800 cows twice a day for over 300 days of the year. We also grow feed crops and diversified into tourism with a five-star lodge for Boutique Accommodation, Health and Body Day Spa and weddings.


With the support of good people who work with the Stewart family, our core value is to produce high quality products from healthy well-bred animals.

It is a privilege and great responsibility to care for the animals in a free range natural environment.
With a strong connection to the land, we take great care in minimising our farming footprint on the environment by utilizing data and technology, good management techniques, and regenerating the land through native plantings and wet land construction.

This is modern day farming with a strong history. We capitalise on a good grass growing climate and high-quality pasture, turning this into premium quality milk.

We are proud to be supplying a variety of fresh milk products to the market. No genetic engineering or modification is involved in the production of our products, which include fresh milk, raw milk, and a2 milk.

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